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Dress Code


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       1)   Shorts must be Bermuda length style for both men and women.  Cargo shorts/pants are not permitted on the golf course or the clubhouse which includes the outdoor terrace.

 2)  Golf shirts are to be tucked in at all times.

3)   Men are not permitted to wear hats/visors in the clubhouse except in the men’s locker room.

4)   Swim attire (including swimsuits, cover ups, athletic shorts and t-shirts) is not permitted on the terrace after 6PM.  Shoes or sandals are required at all times on the terrace.

5)   Changing golf shoes and clothing in the parking lot is prohibited.  This is to be done only in the locker rooms.

6)   Jeans and any color denim clothing are not permitted on the golf course, clubhouse, and terraces.


Smoking Policy

Indoors: NO SMOKING is permitted within the Clubhouse, pool house, and Court Pavilion for members and guests.

Outdoors: Cigarette and cigar smoking is permitted on the Terrace except between 6:00 and 9:00 pm during the summer season when the patio is open for food service. The smoking ban from 6:00 to 9:00 pm includes the area under the awning and the umbrella tables.

Cell Phone Policy

ON THE GOLF COURSE: Phone use on the golf course is frowned upon. In the case of an emergency, when cell phone use is unavoidable, it should be used as discreetly as possible. Ringers on phones should be turned off and you should never hold up play.

IN THE CLUBHOUSE: If you need to take a call, we request that you go to a non-dining area. The Club is more aware of the need to have people use private rooms for cell phone calls indoors. The staff will direct people to these areas if they need to use cell phones in the club.

Questions? Contact us ....

610-433-7443 Club House or 610-437-1451 Golf Shop

or by email: jen@lehighcc.com  or proshop@lehighcc.com