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Swim Team & Lessons

Swim Team 

The Lehigh CC Lightning compete as a part of the ABE Suburban Swim League in both swimming and diving events. Morning practices begin after East Penn School District summer vacation begins and run from 10 am-12 pm each morning. Practice groups therein are determined by the coaching staff and communicated to swim team parents.

Swim meets occur on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Home meet warm ups begin at 5 pm, Away meet warm ups at 5:30 pm. The Pool closes at 3 pm on the day of a home swim meet to accommodate for set up. Each odd-numbered year Lehigh Country Club hosts ABE Diving Championships in late July. 

Members’ grandchildren are eligible to compete for the Lehigh CC Lightning, however to do so they must be rostered at the start of each season, per League regulations.  

Swim Lessons 

Swim and diving lessons at LCC's Pool run as private or semi-private (within family, of similar ability) 30 min sessions, conducted by members of the LCC lifeguard staff who have further credentialing for instruction (USA Swim Coach, Swim Angelfish, etc.) and/or completed a series of lesson instruction in-services.

Lessons have range from water introduction and acclimation for little ones to private competitive instruction for our year-round athletes, and everything in between. However, there are occasions where the staff does not have the qualifications for certain styles of lessons, in which case external recommendations are made to the best of our knowledge and reference. Students are kept with the same instructor, insofar as possible, and on a regular schedule. Scheduling occurs in advance, based on interest. LCC swim lessons are scheduled in clusters; early morning lessons may be scheduled from 8-9:45 AM, Monday to Friday; midday lessons may be scheduled from 12:05-2PM Monday-Friday and evening lessons may be scheduled from 5-7PM on Wednesdays. An email will be sent by Saturday 9 pm the week prior to confirm lessons. Member-initiated cancellations MUST be communicated to [email protected] 24 hours in advance, or the Member account will be charged for the lesson. Club-initiated cancellations will not see the Member account charged. Make-ups will be scheduled based on instructor availability. 

Questions about swim and dive team participation can be directed to [email protected]

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